VidOnt can be used for knowledge representation of video contents in RDF in any serializations, such as RDF/XML or Turtle, as for example, implemented in SemVidLOD.

Knowledge Representation of Videos in RDF

<> a vidont:Video ;
dc:title "Raw Video" ;
vidont:directedBy "John Smith" ;
vidont:producedBy "Jane Doe" ;
vidont:runningTime "108" ;
schema:Country "AU" ;
dc:language "en-au"^^xsd:language ;
vidont:camcorder "Canon XF305" ;
vidont:videoBitrate "50" ;
vidont:videoBitrateType "VBR" ;
vidont:aspectRatio "1.78" ;
vidont:color: "color" ;
vidont:chromaSubsampling "4:2:2" ;
vidont:colorTemperature "5700"^^xsd:integer ; 
vidont:videoCompression "MPEG-2 Long GoP" ;
vidont:frameRate "24"^^xsd:float ;
vidont:TVSystem "PAL" ;
vidont:refreshRate "50" ;
vidont:dimensions "2" ;
vidont:audioSamplingRate "48" .

Lightweight Video Annotations

The terms defined in VidOnt can be embedded directly to the web site markup as (X)HTML attribute values using the hMedia microformat or RDFa, and in (X)HTML5, also as HTML5 Microdata, or separated from the document structure as the content of the script element in JSON-LD, as shown in the following examples.

RDFa Video Annotation

<div vocab="" typeof="liveAction">
  <h1 property="title">Raw Video</h1>
  <div property="video" typeof="video">
    <meta property="runningTime" content="T1M48S" />
    <meta property="directedBy" content="John Smith" />
    <meta property="producedBy" content="Jane Doe" />
    <meta property="runningTime" content="108" />
    <meta property="camcorder" content="Canon XF305" />
    <meta property="videoBitrate" content="50" />
    <meta property="videoBitrateType" content="VBR" />
    <meta property="aspectRatio" content="1.78" />
    <meta property="color" content="color" />
    <meta property="chromaSubsampling" content="4:2:2" />
    <meta property="colorTemperature" content="5700"^^xsd:integer ; <br />
    <meta property="videoCompression" content="MPEG-2 Long GoP" />
    <meta property="frameRate" content="24"^^xsd:float ; <br />
    <meta property="TVSystem" content="PAL" />
    <meta property="refreshRate" content="50" />
    <meta property="dimensions" content="2" />
    <meta property="audioSamplingRate" content="48" />	
    <object …>
      <param …>

HTML5 Microdata Video Annotation

<div itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
  <h1 itemprop="title">Raw Video</h1>
  <div itemprop="video" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
    <meta itemprop="runningTime" content="T1M48S" />
	<meta itemprop="directedBy" content="John Smith" />
	<meta itemprop="producedBy" content="Jane Doe" />
	<meta itemprop="runningTime" content="108" />
	<meta itemprop="camcorder" content="Canon XF305" />
	<meta itemprop="videoBitrate" content="50" />
	<meta itemprop="videoBitrateType" content="VBR" />
	<meta itemprop="aspectRatio" content="1.78" />
	<meta itemprop="color" content="color" />
	<meta itemprop="chromaSubsampling" content="4:2:2" />
	<meta itemprop="colorTemperature" content="5700"^^xsd:integer ; <br />
	<meta itemprop="videoCompression" content="MPEG-2 Long GoP" />
	<meta itemprop="frameRate" content="24"^^xsd:float ; <br />
	<meta itemprop="TVSystem" content="PAL" />
	<meta itemprop="refreshRate" content="50" />
	<meta itemprop="dimensions" content="2" />
	<meta itemprop="audioSamplingRate" content="48" />
    <video width="320" height="240" controls="controls">
      <source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
      Your browser does not support the video tag.

More HTML5 video examples

JSON-LD Video Annotation

<script type="application/ld+json">
    "@context": "",
    "@type": "liveAction",
    "video": {
      "@type": "video",
      "runningTime": "T1M48S",
      "directedBy": "John Smith",
      "producedBy": "Jane Doe",
      "runningTime": "108",
      "camcorder": "Canon XF305",
      "videoBitrate": "50",
      "videoBitrateType": "VBR",
      "aspectRatio": "1.78",
      "color:": "color",
      "chromaSubsampling": "4:2:2",
      "colorTemperature": "5700",
      "videoCompression": "MPEG-2 Long GoP",
      "frameRate": "24",
      "TVSystem": "PAL",
      "refreshRate": "50",
      "dimensions": "2",
      "audioSamplingRate": "48"

Google and Yahoo! can index microformat, RDFa, Microdata, and JSON-LD annotations and display them on Search Engine Result Pages.