Vocabulary/Ontology Standard Language
BBC Programmes Ontology OWL
COMM (Core Ontology for Multimedia) Semantic mapping of MPEG-7 Structure and Visual OWL
Content Ontology for the TV-Anytime Content CS Semantic mapping of TV-Anytime Content OWL
Creative Commons De facto standard RDFS
Dublin Core Elements, Dublin Core Terms IETF RFC 5013, ISO 15836-2009, NISO Z39.85 RDF
EBU CCDM De facto standard OWL
EBU Core De facto standard OWL
EBU Genre Vocabulary XML
FOAF (Friend of a Friend) De facto standard OWL
Format Ontology for the TV-Anytime Format CS OWL
IPTC NewsCodes De facto standard OWL
Linked Movie Database RDFS
LinkedTV OWL
M3O: the Multimedia Metadata Ontology OWL
Media Contract Ontology ISO/IEC 21000 (MPEG-21) XSD
Media Value Chain Ontology (MVCO) OWL
MPEG-7 Ontology ISO/IEC 15938 (MPEG-7) OWL 2
Multimedia Content Description Interface ISO/IEC 15938 (MPEG-7) XSD
Ontology for Media Resources 1.0 W3C Recommendation OWL
OpenCyc OWL
Schema.org De facto standard RDFS
SWIntO: SmartWeb Integrated Ontology RDFS
Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (TGM I, TGM II) De facto standard XML
TV-Anytime IETF RFC 4078 XSD
Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO) OWL
Video Ontology (VidOnt) MPEG-7-aligned OWL
Visual Ontology for Video Retrieval RDFS
Wordnet 3.x De facto standard RDFS
YOVISTO Academic Video Search Ontology OWL

Some multimedia ontologies extensively mentioned in the literature, including the ontology of Hunter and Tsinaraki, INA, VDO, MO, and the Mindswap Image Region Ontology, are not available online anymore.